Key features

Worldfone offers a complete, scalable A-Z mobile solution for companies interested in entering the telco market and to launch their own, uniquely branded MVNO. From initial draft to final execution, Worldfone promises a quick and timely delivery, so you can launch your brand in the mobile market with ease.

Why Worldfone?

From the hundreds of MVNAs on the market, Worldfone is one of the very few that can bring an end2end experience to the table. What differentiates Worldfone is its prioritisation of security and flexibility. Whether you are in an advanced planning stage for the launch of an MVNO or whether you are still entertaining the idea, we can bring you to the finish line you desire.


• Deployment of YOUR network is rapid: it takes 4 – 6 weeks to set up your branded MVNO and to launch to the market.

• LOW OPEX and CAPEX: Because we have already launched MVNOs, you get to enjoy the advantages of sheer economies of scale.

• Entirely CUSTOMISABLE setup: features are highly flexible and can scale according to your business model.

• Backend infrastructure is user-friendly and SIMPLIFIED so you can access and have total control over your account securely and without extra training

• GLOBAL coverage, thanks to our partnerships with multiple MNOs

Your business can enjoy a new revenue stream with LOW support effort.

You focus on your business, we’ll take care of your network’s smooth running.